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How Can Every Believer Move In The Supernatural?

Many are born again without experiencing anything outstanding in their lives. Others experience a total turn around in their lives, and become aware of a new dimension that did not exist before.

When you accept Jesus as your Savior you enter into a supernatural dimension. But it may not be that obvious at first.

The first real supernatural encounter that all believers should have is an experience with the Holy Spirit, which we call the Baptism of the Holy Spirit.

Here is when the supernatural first starts to become more real, and you feel the effects not only on the inside but also on the outside.

But many believers have even gone through this experience and not come out with anything more than the ability to speak in other tongues. Clearly, they have not fully tapped into all that is available to them.

What Can You Do To Change Things?

You need to experience the presence of God in a more powerful way. And to do this it may be necessary for you to receive from another believer.

It also helps to be in a meeting where God is manifesting His glory and power.

You Will Learn How To Move In The Supernatural

The purpose for this seminar is to not only teach you but also help you to experience the supernatural power and presence of God. If you come with expectation and a core desire to receive, then we can guarantee you that

You Will Leave Different To what You Were When You Came

Each day of the seminar we will be teaching you principles that will help show you how to gain access to a greater measure of the power of God and to experience more of the supernatural in your life.

Then in the Practical Sessions, you will receive impartation, motivation and practical experience in touching the supernatural realm of God.

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